Friday, September 17, 2010

God of the Impossible - Sarah Reeves

A bright light on the horizon

God of the Impossible – EP
Artist: Sarah Reeves (
Label: Sparrow Records
Length: 3 tracks/12:10 minutes

In the firmament of praise and worship, Sarah Reeves is a bright light on the horizon. Atmospheric guitars fill the soundscape. Poetic imagery frames her importunity. One moment she leads a chorus of adoration; the next she stands in the gap as an intercessor.

On “Father’s Prayer,” she turns the prayer that Jesus taught into a compelling chorus. “God of the Impossible” puts into perspective God’s awesomeness: “My biggest storm, a drop of rain. My raging fire, a candle flame. My deepest ocean is like a puddle at your feet.” Even more amazing, He turns our brokenness into beauty.

With only three tracks, this leaves you wanting more. Reeves has yet to have a full-length release, but she has earned it with this EP and a previous one.

If her lyrics and thoughts are any indication, Reeves heart is undivided: “I love my Jesus and all I want to do is serve Him and make Him famous.” She wants to lead young people into a lifestyle of praise and worship. Despite being young, she is well on her way, sharing stages with some of the best in this genre.

Reeves is one of the featured artists in the Acquire the Fire conferences, a ministry to teens, where she will be singing these songs. Get information and tour dates at
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