Friday, September 4, 2009

The Real Thing - pureNRG

Real talent, great support and growing maturity

The Real Thing
Artist: pureNRG (
Label: Fervent Records
Length: 13 tracks/41:00 minutes

Even though Jesus is that real thing they sing about, in another sense, pureNRG is becoming the real thing. Since signing with Fervent Records in 2007, the group has now released five albums when you count this one, which may be their best yet. They have a polished pop sound courtesy of producer Rob Hawkins, who also plays a slew of instruments, and vocal producer Mark Hammond. Both have done an outstanding job.

Though this is similar to what they have done before, you can hear a growing maturity in their style and lyrics. It doesn’t hurt that they chose “Live to Worship,” a song that Scott Krippayne helped write, and “Sweet Jesus,” which includes Matthew West in the credits. Both of these songs plus “Overwhelmed” move the group into modern worship territory.

A little added heft in the guitar tracks is evident on songs like the catchy “Radio,” which affirms that individually and together we can change the world. “Savior” flirts with an urban groove before it gives way to a bright chorus where they seek to introduce the listener to Jesus. “Cover of a Magazine” is a song that needed to be written. It recognizes that none of us can measure up to the artificial perfection that we find on those glossy covers.

The CD also includes three sing-a-long tracks at the end. These songs have been stripped of some of the vocal tracks so that anyone can join in.

This group is on track in fulfilling their clearly defined mission statement, which you could summarize as being a Godly influence and positive role models for their generation.
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