Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Sweet Sound - Sarah Reeves

Pleas from a hungry heart

Sweet Sweet Sound
Artist: Sarah Reeves (
Label: Sparrow
Length: 7 songs/22.43 minutes

If you have followed the praise and worship genre, you know that for many years Vineyard music was on the cutting-edge. Sweet Sweet Sound by Sarah Reeves feels like the natural evolution of music in that tradition.

Remember “Hungry (Falling on My Knees)” by Kathryn Scott? This CD is a modern successor. Reeves is hungry for the presence of God as heard in her many pleas.

Her lyrics have depth and poetic flair. She wrote with some of Nashville’s most sought after songwriters. This goes beyond simple choruses. These are fully-developed songs that can cross over into the rock and pop genres.

Reeves effortlessly fuses rock, pop and praise and worship in a way that reminds me of Kate Miner. Fast and furious guitars often punctuate the choruses making it sound like she’s being backed by Delirious. On “Awaken,” all of a sudden, you find yourself on this ethereal bridge that makes you think of Michelle Tumes.

“Come and Save” is a change-up. It’s pensive, piano-driven and includes strings. Stylistically, it’s a ballad, a song of confession and repentance.

The short “These Words of Mine (Intro)” sounds like an old scratchy record. Reeves asks God to humbly use her words, which often invite God to do something. This reflects a charismatic influence, which highlights the Holy Spirit and a God that can be experienced.

“Sweet Sweet Sound” is pop-oriented and will get the most airplay. The music is not as edgy, but it shows Reeves in a mode that will appeal to a wider audience.

This debut is well-crafted and appealing. It sounds modern and fresh. It’s one of the best recordings of its kind that I have heard.
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