Monday, January 5, 2009

As Tomorrow Comes - Daniel Kirkley

Passionate inspiration and worship on a strong collection of songs

As Tomorrow Comes
Artist: Daniel Kirkley (
Label: Centricity Music
Length: 6 tracks/25:18 minutes

Imagine the voice and conviction of CCM pioneer Steve Green, and the sound and style of Fernando Ortega, and you get some idea of what this sounds like. As Tomorrow Comes by Daniel Kirkley combines faith-inspired and worshipful lyrics with the sparseness of piano and cello.

It’s a production change from Let Love Win, his debut CD. Kirkley’s first love has always been the piano. This is like an intimate concert in the home where he grew up playing an upright piano. It’s where Kirkley first learned to read and write music. “I felt that it was important for each song to be a personal reflection of my life and relationship with my Heavenly Father,” said Kirkley. It adds to the power of the songs.

The spiritual depth in each track inspires faith and hope. The strong content should be no surprise when you consider that the songwriters include Matt Redman, Brooke Fraser, Fernando Ortega, Brandon Heath and Nicole Nordeman. Kirkley’s sole composition, “All is Well,” is of the same order. It’s an ideal end-of-day song and a peaceful and soothing way to closeout this six song EP.

With just two instruments, the sound may be a little too stripped-down for some, but it serves to highlight the lyrics and Kirkley’s passionate singing and performing. His version of “Give Me Jesus” has the same intensity as Fernando Ortega’s. He sings the chorus on “Lead Me to the Cross” in earnest. He communicates trust in Redman’s “God of our Yesterdays.”

This alternates between inspiration and worship, and Kirkley is adept at both. Believers will find challenge and solace in this CD.
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