Monday, August 18, 2008

Make Some Noise - Krystal Meyers

Meyers makes noise that you can dance to on her third outing

Make Some Noise
Artist: Krystal Meyers (
Label: Essential Records
Length: 10 tracks/36:31 minutes

Fans of Krystal Meyers’ previous recordings may be surprised by Make Some Noise. Though the cover art hints at what’s inside, it’s a stretch from the rock on the first two releases.

It starts with the opening title song, which—who would have guessed?—has a club sound. Heavy urban rhythms and infectious grooves support in-your-face lyrics about a generation called to make a difference. There’s even an interesting synth that sounds like a concentration camp siren. Could this be a metaphor for a generation not willing to be silent? An edgy (but not overly so) concept video, which will probably get a lot of airtime, can be seen on YouTube.

The lyrics to this song don’t contain any overt Christian language. Has she traded her faith to become the latest club sensation? You can forget that silly notion. Her faith is still in evidence, particularly on the more guitar-driven songs that alternate with the new sounds.

This new vibe gives the recording crossover appeal. You can dance to most of the songs, and those with more urban appeal, are more generic lyrically, lending themselves to different interpretations.

One of several relationship-oriented songs stands out. "Up to You" is a breakup song that asks, "You sure it’s what you wanna do? I’ll leave it up to you." It expresses the heartache and uncertainty of an unwanted demise in a relationship. Am I your lover or your enemy?

Producer Doubledutch loads this up with programmed tracks and dance club grooves but there are still songs that hearken back to Meyers’ previous work. Fans should give this a chance. The producer makes the alternating styles cohesive. This doesn’t sound like two different recordings rolled into one.

Meyers deserves credit for being willing to experiment. She acquits herself admirably, and Make Some Noise will no doubt attract new listeners. They may even discover her faith, which might make the risk of a new sound worthwhile.
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