Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here We Go Again - pureNRG

High energy and pure fun for young people

Here We Go Again
Artist: pureNRG (
Label: Fervent Records
Length: 12 tracks/35:42 minutes

How would I describe the music of pureNRG? How about high energy and fun for starters? But it goes deeper than this. They also share their Christian faith and communicate Biblical values to children of all ages without being preachy. But there’s more. If you have seen either of their two DVDs, you know that they like to move, as in acrobatics and complex choreography. To say that they dance is an understatement.

Here We Go Again is their second CD. They are teamed once again with Rob Hawkins and Mark Hammond who produced their self-titled debut. The title song opens the recording and is their first single. It’s a start-your-day song that through trust in God has a hopeful outlook towards the future. This affirmation of faith in God coupled with practical encouragement is found throughout this release.

One of the best songs is a beautiful cover of Nichole Mullen’s "Call on Jesus," which the group plans to perform in concert. Another highlight is a youthful take on Matthew West’s hit song, "More." These are excellent versions of two great songs. One of the surprises is a remake of the classic, "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough." The new arrangement gives it a fresh sound.

On "Like," which looks at the differences between people, and "Girls Can Change the World," a call for girls to unite to make this world a better place, they distinguish themselves with a playful attitude and music to match. It adds up to a fun listen. On the more serious side, "Any Which Way" uses a feel-good vibe to express a desire to let God have His way in one’s life.

The song selection, arrangements, production and vocals are all strong. Parents and children have something to cheer about with such a well-made recording. There’s no sophomore slump here.
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