Monday, October 22, 2007

Jump5 say hello one last time before they say goodbye to nine years together

Hello and Goodbye
Artist: Jump5
Label: Slanted Records
Length: 10 tracks/30:58 minutes

What drew me to Hello and Goodbye was Jump5’s rendition of The Beatles’ classic "Hello Goodbye." It’s a fitting choice for a farewell recording from a group that has sold more than 1.4 million units, which includes four studio albums and two gold videos.

Fortunately their breakup won’t be providing fodder for the tabloid and rumor mills. Having been together for nine years, the members of the group just felt that it was time to move on. This release and a farewell tour will close this chapter of their lives so that they can go their own ways.

It all makes the inclusion of "Hello Goodbye" so appropriate. Previous group member Libby Hodges joined in on the song to help Jump5 say hello one last time before saying goodbye. It’s difficult to improve on a classic, but this is a likeable and admirable version that has the pop edginess that is typical of the group.

This is followed by a beautiful piano-driven "I Surrender All." This song, which is the most moving, is also fitting. As they go forward, it’s a way for each member to acknowledge their surrender to the One that has brought them this far. The future is in His hands.

It’s a bittersweet recording with other scattered references that reflect on their journey. It has all the energy and playfulness of their past efforts, but it’s a little sad knowing that this is their last.

It’s somewhat disappointing that this goodbye is so short with only 10 tracks, including two versions of the song "Fly" and an update of a previous song, "Throw Your Hands Up ’07."

Despite the brevity of the release, one of the pleasant surprises is an a capella version of the "Star-Spangled Banner," which closes the CD. Fans also have had something to cheer about with the lead single "Shoot the Moon,"—written by the same team that wrote the number one single "I Got Nerve" by Miley Cyrus—playing on Radio Disney.

In the end they are leaving in the same way that they came, with trendy teen pop filled with hopeful, encouraging and God-honoring messages. Say Goodbye to Jump5. May each of them be able to say hello to the new things that God will do in their lives.
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