Monday, September 17, 2007

Move over Hannah Montana and High School Musical 2 and get a ready for a blast of pureNRG

The enormous popularity of artists like Hannah Montana and programs like Disney’s High School Musical 2 show that there is more than a small market for a trio of teens performing self-described pop with an edge. If their explosive dancing and singing could be harnessed, there would be sufficient power to produce Hannah Montana and have multiple showings of High School Musical 2.

What may set this threesome—all in their early teens—apart is a serious desire to share their faith and influence people toward God. But it’s not as though their dancing and singing is just a vehicle for evangelism. In the song, “Footloose,” one of two music videos on the DVD, it’s obvious that their purpose is also to entertain and have fun. This is a revved-up version of the Kenny Loggins song with a little bit of sass.

With veteran producers, Rob Hawkins and Mark Hammond at the helm, their music doesn’t take a back seat to the message. The group hopes that their sound will have an appeal beyond their own age group and be a bridge to people of all ages. I enjoyed the brief clip of them singing “Thy Word” in the studio and was impressed by the quality of the other snatches of songs.

Carolyne, Jordan and Caroline have each been dancing and singing since the age of three or four. With a clearly defined mission statement, that includes promoting Christian values and being role models for their peers, these young people are headed in the right direction.

The bonus features include the group answering frequently asked questions, giving short, somewhat scripted testimonies of their faith—not an easy thing for anyone, but each of them are remarkable self-possessed. They also take us by camera into their Cribs (older generation read “bedrooms”) to learn more about their lives. Another segment is a behind the scenes look at the choreography behind the music video “What If.” This song is not to be confused with the Nichole Nordeman song of the same name.

This is a well-produced introduction to pureNRG that young people will enjoy. Expect to hear more from this talented trio.
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